2004 Kentucky Rails to Trails Conference
Greenway Partnerships: Improving Quality of Life

May 14-15, 2004 — Galt House, Louisville, Ky


The 2004 Conference brings together a diverse group of speakers including rail-trail advocates, health professionals, engineers, government officials, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

Keynote Speakers

Keith Laughlin
Executive Director, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Mr. Laughlin manages a national program of 42 staff and 100,000 members. He has 25 years of policy and management experience in Washington DC, including eight years at the White House and 14 years as senior staff member in the US House of Representatives. Previously, he served as Executive Director of the White House Task Force on Livable Communities.

David Allen
MD, MPH, President, FitLouisville
Dr. Allen founded FitLouisville in 2002; his responsibilities include chairman of the board and exclusive operating officer. He has served as the Kentucky Medical Director for Aetna Health Insurance from 1998-2002, the Director of Health for the Jefferson County Health Department from 1987-1992, and Commissioner of Health for the Kentucky Department for Health Services from 1980-1983. Dr. Allen is board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

Other speakers

Chris Abbett
BS, BA. Southeast Regional Program Manager, National Park Service
Mr. Abbett has worked for the National Parks Service for 15 years and currently works within the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program. He provides planning and technical assistance to state and locale agencies and organizations with protection of local natural resources and development of close-to-home outdoor recreation opportunities. Mr. Abbett holds a BA in journalism from Georgia State University and a BS in forest resource management from the University of Georgia.

Shad Baker
BS. County Extension Agent, UK Cooperative Extension Service
Mr. Baker works with Natural Resources and Community Development for the UK Cooperative Extension Service. He is President of the Pine Mountain Trail Conference.

Lisa Rainey Brownell
MA. Researcher, University of Kentucky Transportation Center
Ms. Brownell is the lead researcher on the Kentucky Abandoned Railroad Corridor Inventory Project. She has inventoried Kentucky's abandoned railroads and railroad-related structures and assessed them for future potential. She has also produced GIS maps and narrative histories of rail networks. Ms. Brownell is a 2004 PhD candidate in geography at the University of Kentucky.

Terri Burch
MS. Program Coordinator, Equine Industry Program at the University of Louisville
Ms. Burch is currently the president of the Kentucky Horse Council and a member of the Cave Run Lake Trail System Restoration Committee in eastern Kentucky. She is a board member of A Woman's Way and a member of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Equine Economic Committee. Ms. Burch has a bachelor's degree in agriculture from Morehead State University, a Master's of Science degree in animal nutrition from UK and has completed PhD course work in biology at the University of Louisville.

James Coleman
EdD. Chief Executive Officer, Margaret J. Weston Medical Center, Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Coleman is the former Director of the South Carolina Department of Health's Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention & Control and a former District Director of Health Education for the Waccamaw Public Health District. He served on the international panel to develop practice protocols for 32 REACH 2010 grants. Dr. Coleman currently serves on the national editorial board for the Journal of Health Education.

Rick Dickman
Executive Director, Ohio River Greenway Commission
Mr. Dickman has served as Judge for the Municipal Court in Clarksville, Indiana from 1975 to 1986, Council President for the Town of Clarksville, IN from 1988 to 1996, and Executive Director for the Clark County Solid Waste Management District. He has served as Executive Director of the Ohio River Greenway Development Commission since 1999.

Sue Fowler
Director of Greenbelt Park, Owensboro, Kentucky
Ms. Fowler has been employed by the City of Owensboro for 17 years. Currently, she is responsible for securing funding and property acquisition and oversees the design, development, and marketing of Adkisson Greenbelt Park. She is experienced in grant writing, financial reporting, marketing and public relations.

Lynda Frost
MS. Project Manager, Trust for Public Land
Ms. Frost manages the Chesapeake and Central Appalachians Field Offices Washington DC. She is primarily responsible for land conservation activities in Kentucky and West Virginia. Ms. Frost has worked with local communities, non-profits and government agencies to acquire and protect over 8,000 acres of land for public benefit.

Ray Irvin
Administrator, Indy Greenways and Bike Routes for Marion County, Indiana
Mr. Irvin currently oversees the planning, development, operations, and promotion for over 150 miles and 6,000 acres of trails. He is a former city and county councilman, former Parks Commissioner and board member, former Commissioner for the Department of Metro Development (Indianapolis), and a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force Reserve.

David Karem
JD, BS. Executive Director, Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation and State Senator in KY Senate
Senator Karem was elected to serve as a State Senator for the 35th District in Louisville in 1976 and continues to serve today. He previously served as a State Representative from 1972-1976. He has served as Senate Major Caucus Chairman, Senate Majority Leader, Senate Democratic Floor Leader, and as a member of several committees and task forces. Senator Karem is also former Chairman of the Legislative Ethics Committee. He is also a recipient of the Kentucky Society of Architects Citizens Laureate Award.

Judge Rodney Kirtley
BA. County Judge-Executive for Muhlenberg County
Judge Kirtley has served as county judge executive for ten years. He is the Chair of Muhlenberg Economic Enterprises Board, Vice Chair of Pennyrile Area Development District, Chair of Advisory Board for Madisonville Technical College, and Vice-President of Kentucky County Judge Executive's Association Executive Board and Legislative Board.

Yon Lambert
BA. Assistant Director of the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, SC
Mr. Lambert coordinates municipal, county and statewide open space, park and bike-pedestrian master plans. He is the statewide director for the 425-mile Palmetto Trail project, South Carolina's largest bike-ped project and also coordinates conservation and active living projects, including statewide local government and community technical assistance. Mr. Lambert is a project manager/editor for the award-winning Citizen's Guide series and best-selling books for PCF Press, the organization's publishing arm.

John Librett
PhD, MPH. Health Scientist, Physical Activity and Health Promotion Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dr. Librett's responsibilities as Health Scientist include analyzing public health issues and their impact on public policies. He serves as a principal advisor on the planning, development, coordination, and implementation of public health programs implemented nationally. Dr. Librett is currently working on the identification and application of policy and environmental research related to physical activity.

Paula Nye
BS. Program Coordinator, Division of Multimodal Programs, KY Transportation Cabinet
Ms. Nye has been the State Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Coordinator for four years. She worked at the Division of Planning for five years, studying the Highway Information System and GIS mapping. Ms. Nye chaired the Pedestrian and Bicycle Task Force and is the current spokesperson for the state's Pedestrian and Bicycle Travel Policy.

Kathleen O’Neil
MSW. Executive Planner for the Louisville Metro Housing Authority
Ms. O’Neil is the Project Director for the ACTIVE Louisville initiative and primary author of the Clarksdale HOPE VI Revitalization. She has over 20 years of experience in construction and development. Much of her work has focused on using gardening in urban neighborhoods as a means to increase physical activity and improve food security, and she has established urban gardening programs at schools, churches, community centers and juvenile homes.

Van Meter Pettit
M.Arch. Founder and President of Town Branch Trail Inc.
Mr. Pettit is a registered architect who lives and works in downtown Lexington. He has worked and studied in other parts of the country where trails systems have long been established. Currently, he is working to create a multi-mile greenway trail along the historic Town Branch of Elkhorn Creek corridor to connect the Lexington downtown area with outlying neighborhoods, parks, and historic landmarks.

Tim Powell
BA. User Interaction Designer/Software Engineer for IBM
Mr. Powell is the founder of the High Bridge Rail Trail project and webmaster of the Kentucky Rails to Trails Council website. He designs and develops web applications for IBM, including IBM Lotus Web Conferencing. He proposed to his wife while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Arlen Sanders
Executive Director of the Economic Development Authority of Liberty/Casey
Mr. Sanders has a background in international marketing, advertising, and graphic communications. He has developed strategic plans, mission statements, goals and objectives, managed finances, budgets, memberships, grants and prospects. Currently, Mr. Sanders is chairman of the Heritage Landmarks Corridor and a member of the Kentucky Agritourism Council and UK's State Extension Council.

John Schneider
PLS. Office Leader and Director of Surveys, Vaughn & Melton Engineers
Mr. Schneider is the project manager for the 120-mile Pine Mountain Linear State Park project. He is a licensed professional surveyor and has over 24 years of experience in the surveying profession. Currently, Mr. Schneider is working with the Kentucky Department of Parks, Pine Mountain Trail Conference, and other Kentucky government agencies to create the Pine Mountain Trail State Park.

Ron Schneider
Branch Manager, Division of Multimodal Programs, KY Transportation Cabinet
Mr. Schneider is a graduate of the University of Louisville's Engineering School and a licensed professional engineer. He has been with the Transportation Cabinet's Division of Multimodal Programs since 1999 and has managed the branch, which includes the Cabinet's Transportation Enhancement program and the Bicycle/Pedestrian program, since 2000. Mr. Schneider cycles about 2,500 miles per year, mostly as a means of transportation.

Beth Siddens
BA. Health Planner, Barren River District Health Department
Ms. Siddens has served as Health Planner with the Barrren River District Health Department for twenty years. Her contributions within the health department include primary care, clinical, health education, community health promotion, environmental health promotion, and home health. Her special interests are community health assessment, public/group involvement, and creative methods of health promotion.

Helen Siewers
MA. Project Coordinator, Greenways Commission of Bowling Green and Warren County
Ms. Siewers has been a full-time project coordinator for Greenways Commission since 2001. She has a Master's degree in landscape architecture and has worked as the Greenways coordinator for Bowling Green and Warren County for three years. Ms. Siewers has served on the Kentucky Rails to Trails Council for one year.

Patricia Timm
Ed.D. President and CEO, Ohio River Way, Inc.
Dr. Timm previously served as the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Growth Alliance from 2000-2002. She participated in the design and implementation of the public involvement strategy for regional transit planning in southwest Ohio. Dr. Timm has facilitated meetings, written draft documents, and designed the public hearing process for the Community Shelter Board, a funding agency for homeless shelters in Columbus, Ohio. She also developed staff performance and evaluation process for EarthConnection, a non-profit organization working on sustainable development, renewable energy, and earth-friendly life styles.

Susan Westrom
MSW. Director of Advocacy and Marketing, Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency and State Representative in the KY House of Representatives
Representative Westrom was elected to serve as State Representative for the 79th District in Lexington in 1998. She serves on Health and Welfare, Banking and Insurance, and Agriculture and Small Business Committees. Representative Westrom is a member of the Early Childhood Development Task Force, the State Advisory Group for the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council, and Child Support Commission.

Bus/Bike Tour Leaders

Sheila Andersen
JD, MA, BSN. Director of the Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation, Louisville Metro Health Department
Ms. Andersen oversee the delivery of public health services in the Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation, which includes monitoring health status, mobilizing community partnerships, developing policies and plans, evaluating effectiveness, accessibility, and quality, and conducting research. She has also served as the Planner for Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues in the Louisville Metro Department of Planning and Design and chaired the committee that produced a Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

John Swintosky
BS. Landscape Architect, Louisville Metro Parks Department
Mr. Swintosky has been a landscape architect with the Louisville Metro Park Department since 1977. He also interned for four summers with the Metro Parks Planning and Design division while earning his degree at UK. Mr. Swintosky has been involved in all aspects of park planning, design, and construction, and has been upgrading the comprehensive planning for quality maintenance of all plantings, especially native plant communities residing in Louisville's parks.

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